Editing Services

Developmental Editing
also known as Content Editing, Substantive Editing, and Structural Editing.

Full developmental editing from LPT is a comprehensive service and is ideal for manuscripts that are in the early drafts stage and you desire honest feedback and professional guidance.

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involves ensuring consistency of language and coherency through revision, where appropriate.

Copyediting from LPT is ideal for manuscripts that are in the final stage of revision and will undergo no additional planned revisions prior to formatting, proofreading, and then publication.

Copyediting starts at 0.03 per word

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involves ensuring consistency of language and coherency through revision, where appropriate.

Copyediting+ includes copyediting plus an additional round of editing after editor notes have been applied. This option extends your working relationship with LPT and allows us to do a final quality control inspection prior to the proofreading stage (or publication).

Copyediting+ starts at 0.05 per word

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Website Copyediting
involves editing provided content for clarity, coherency, and consistency so as to arrive at a finely polished finished product.

up to 2,500 words

up to 5,000 words


involves correcting errors such as misspellings, typos, misnumbering or mislabeling, and word usage (such as the use of effect for affect).

Proofreading starts at 0.012 per word

**manuscript page (or ms) = 250 words
6-page (1,500 words) minimum fee assessed, when appropriate

Prepaid Editing Hours Packages

Our Prepaid Packages are an excellent solution for clients who anticipate a series of recurring small projects. This option allows clients to prepay for up to 10 hours of light editing services at a valued rate.

Prepaid Editing Hours is like having a personal editor "on retainer" who can come through in the clutch.

First Impression
2-4 editing hours

Editor's Choice
8-10 editing hours

Professional Touch
5-7 editing hours


Résumé Makeover

Give your outdated, unsightly résumé the face lift it deserves. With your direction, LPT will makeover your existing résumé—format, layout, descriptions—and deliver to you a fresh and much improved document that you will be able to edit for future revisions.



With your direction, LPT will construct and format a document to your specifications. Final rate and anticipated date of fulfillment will depend on complexity and depth of project.

client assumes writing credit and ownership.
LPT will not include ghostwriting projects in portfolio showcasing previous work.

0.25 - 0.75
per word
LPT retains writing credit (not ownership) of piece and reserves the right to request attribution for pieces intended for publication.
All writing projects are subject to inclusion in our portfolio to be viewed by prospective clients.

0.15 - 0.50
per word


  • While we guarantee that our services will be professional and our changes will improve your work, LPT cannot and does not guarantee specific results, such as publication of work, committee approval, etc. Because the intention of your work may be based on additional factors beyond those with which we are helping you, we cannot guarantee that our assistance alone will allow you to achieve your desired results.

  • Clients are responsible for ensuring that the work submitted to LPT for service is their own and not plagiarized and does not violate any copyright laws. LPT does not assume responsibility for services rendered on plagiarized or copyrighted materials.

Transcription Services

Text-to-Text Transcription
20.00/pg (250 words) - no formatting
25.00/pg (250 words) - with formatting

*4-page minimum fee will apply to all text-to-text transcription invoices, when appropriate.

With your direction, LPT will convert your provided text--handwritten, hard copy (printed), or PDF document--into a Word or Excel file that is fully formatted to your specifications. 

This service provides you with an electronic version of your document in a format that you can edit for future revisions. 

Typical fulfillment time of 3-5 business days, but will be determined by complexity and depth of project. 

Audio Transcription AVAILABLE SOON 
1.75-4.00/audio minute

Rush Services

Upon availability, LPT will accept requests for rush fulfillment of projects. Rush services are reserved for projects requiring same-day turnaround or work outside of our regular business hours.

Rush fulfillment is not available for large projects, website copyediting, certain writing projects, or complex transcription projects.

Rush fulfillment
25.00 for each rush day ahead of the anticipated fulfillment time

Rush delivery
This express delivery option applies to mail order projects only and is in addition to the billed rate of service.
Final cost will vary based on location.  

Our rates assume electronic fulfillment.
Mail order projects will be assessed a shipping & handling fee of 12.00.
Additional costs will apply to mail orders shipped outside the United States.


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